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 ghostly_pa - (bardotlove123)
12:56pm 03/09/2009
bardotlove123 posting in - g h o s t l y - p e n n s y l v a n i a -
hey everyone, i just joined this community! i live in downingown, pa. I went t Cape May about a month ago, and went on the "ghost tour". After I snapped some pictures, i found that i may have captured some orbs. I tried to debunk them but I couldn't explain how they got there! I will have to post the pictures soon. As you all probably know, Cape May is known to be haunted.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, and what do you all think of Cape May being haunted? Do you think "orbs" are paranormal?
mood: curiouscurious
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(no subject)
02:15am 04/09/2009 (UTC)
Matty San
Orbs can be one of many different things.. Dust.. a glitch in the digital image (if your using a digital), reflection of the flash on water vapor in the air.. bugs.. there are just too many natural explanations for it to be of any value to proving the existence of ghosts. I generally just ignore orbs due to that fact.
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