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Ghost or Rock?
 ghostly_pa - (rylothean)
12:03am 15/05/2011
Matty San posting in - g h o s t l y - p e n n s y l v a n i a -
Took this back in 2010 when I went to Gettysburg with friends. I was just taking pictures out at Devil's Den and when I went through these I had found what looked like a figure out in the brush. At the time I took the picture nobody was out there or even walking near that area of the field. You be the judge.

Photo with close up:

Interestingly I've seen other's photos of supposed apparitions out at Devil's Den and they looked somewhat similar... appearing human but washed out.

Unedited shot
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02:22am 16/05/2011 (UTC)
Very interesting. ^_^

The one time I went to Devil's Den I reached the top by one of the monuments and went to take a picture. My camera turned on for a few seconds and shut off again. I had to walk away from the area I was in to get my camera to turn on again.
The battery was full and everything. It would just not work in that one specific area. It was very weird.
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